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The James Bond 007 Role Playing Game was a stroke of genius from the gaming gurus at Avalon Hill's Victory Games division.  By incorporating the hard-core weapons and gadgets of Her Majesty's greatest spy with a flexible yet structured gaming world, the most imaginative of games masters were given the freedom to create credible and exciting worlds. One of the most innovative ideas within the JB 007 game was the Hero Points system, which allowed players to do the incredible things only a Bond-like agent could.  From Q and M to No and Galore, all of the heroes and villains of Ian Fleming's exciting world can come to life again -- but only if you play . . . 


The idea of this page is to give a place for all of the people across the globe who love this game, or who are simply interested in finding out more, to get at all of the James Bond 007 resources on the 'Net.  So if you have a page that features James Bond 007 materials, please e-mail me, and if you've been putting off making the ultimate JB 007 page, now's your chance to do it.  I may post my own materials (if I have time), but for now, this page will remain a crossroads to the many places where you can find  Bond . . . James Bond.  
James Bond 007-Specific Links  

The James Bond 007 RPG      A page with a ream of new weapons, with illustrations of every item!  The author also shares his own adventure plots and additional combat rules which cover damage to specific body parts.  A must-see.

James Bond 007 - Le jeu de rôle      An excellent French page with a number of well-organized sections that cover everything from alternate rules to vehicles -- and of course -- gadgets.  Well presented and offering quality information, this is a page to check out, even if you don't speak French.  

The Games of James Bond 007     Mostly a translation of the resources found on the preceding page, you will find some original resources here as well.  What is there is very good,  I just hope that they translate more. This site also includes info on other Bondian games.

Q-Branch     A page with a couple modern weapons and some gadgets. I really like the Q-Branch logo at the top of the page.  

James Bond 007     A page that has no materials (yet), but the author promises to post characters, equipment, vehicles, enemy agents, gadgets and hideouts.  Maybe if you guys e-mail him, he'll be convinced to post what he has. I got the The Dr. No pictures from his site.  

Alias: 007     A page which belongs to a funny Frenchman who has created a scenario (in French, mind you) that belies a genius worthy of the most evil of masterminds. If you speak French, definitely check it out.

NicoFlic's Webpage Another page in French which contains more helpful information, including explanations and revisions of some of the rules. It also includes a primer to roleplaying games in general.

James Bond Multiplayer Internet RPG     Not a James Bond 007 RPG page as such, these two programmers are developing a TCP/IP front-end for Internet-based James Bond 007 games.  They are also working on something to which I'm very much looking forward, a computerized Character-Generation program. It seems as though this project is dead, but give these guys a shout and maybe they'll get cracking again. . .  The other page related to this project is BondIRPG.  

An HTML Character Sheet for James Bond 007      Not the greatest, but hey, it has Bond on it!

007 Forever     isn't a James Bond 007 RPG site per se, but lists all of the games and toys related to the James Bond "franchise" and includes a write up of the JB RPG. It's at the very least a fun read.  

The one complaint I have about most of these pages, though, is the disheartening shortage of original page titles . . . but I digress.

If you have a James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game page, or know of one I missed, please e-mail me the address and I'll add it to the list.  I'd also love to hear what you think of my site, even if it's only, say, to shower me with unenthusiastic praise. Also, why don't you suggest quotes to add to the Random Bond Quote Generator ™. So far, I have focused only on early Bond films (Dr. No through to Thunderball), but I may be convinced to add later quotes if you send me some good ones. If you want to view a different witticism, just hit re-load.

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