The Pion's New Year's Eve Extravaganza

Happy New Year!

The Pion sisters would love to invite you to a New Year's Eve celebration.




1405 Gerald St. (837-6894)


You! and a significant other or a close friend, family member...

This celebration will be full of fun and surprises!  We have planned an unforgettable evening of laughter, food, songs, games and the ever-exciting count-down thrill for you and all your friends.

Because we plan everything and provide the feast as well as the entertainment, we ask a small amount of 10$ per person or 15$ per married couple.  You won't find this awesome deal anywhere else because it's all happening at the Pion house!

E-mail us at with your confirmation by Monday, December 16th.  Janie, Renée or France will be at church every sunday and at young adults so bring your money and we will add you to our exclusive list.  If money is a problem, feel free to come talk to us about it.  But don't expect pity, 'cause we're broke too!  Just kidding.

This event is semi-formal, dress up for the occasion or come very relaxed.  We will be taking pictures, so for memories' sake (and to avoid ridicule and possible blackmail), semi formal is best.


This is a time to rejoice and share a joyous occasion with friends we have in Christ.
The Pion sisters wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!