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  My goal is to improve my page and its contents as much as possible, so please tell me what you think about it. Tell me how you liked your stay on TERRA One, give me advice, ask me questions. . . criticize me, even. Just write! 

If you want to know a little bit about who you're contacting, or just to see what I look like, just click here to find out. One funny fact is that I took the picture using an old warped mirror and a cheap digital camera. It didn't turn out so bad, considering.

Although I'd appreciate it if you filled in the following form, by all means use old-fashioned e-mail to write me if you prefer. I'm really looking forward to hearing what people think about this project, so I can make it even better. 

Now on to the form . . .

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Thanks a lot  for filling this stuff in, now please leave me a message. Feel free to write about anything you want: life, death, Mentos commercials...