More than any other man-made thing, the World Wide Web is made in the image of Man's world.  It's a place where thieves steal under shadow of night, where pornography loses its brown paper wrapping and is sold like candy to children, where greed finds a quicker buck to chase, another sap to fleece.

Think of this place as a whole new world colonized by a single man.

In its beginning, although perfect and unscathed, it passes unnoticed, a weightless, shapeless black mass in the void of cyberspace.  Eventually, an unseen hand will slowly trace out a skeletal image, a neon outline in green and purple.  Form will come to the world.  As the man strives to makes it his place, it will take on the form he chooses.

What you see before you is that world, for I am that man and I have made my choice.

The world is TERRA One.

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