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Inception is an exciting time . . . 

Over the past few years, I have grown increasingly interested in the ideals of design.  Visual, architectural, musical, the applications of aesthetic artistry are innumerable and ever-present.  The beauty and danger of design is that it requires the application of artistic and technical skill to truly succeed.  

I am fortunate in that I have been gifted with many seemingly unrelated talents.  Although potential is nothing without discipline, I have until now lacked the personal discipline to even attempt to bring them together in a single work.  I needed a catalyst (or maybe an excuse) to make me write and draw more regularly.  Seeing as the tools of Web page creation are readily --and inexpensively-- available to me, I decided to attempt a singular experiment by applying my vision of design to the multiple media of the Web page. That it is on the Internet is of little importance, it is simply the form I have chosen.  This experiment has a name, and it is: TERRA One.  Though in essence an experiment in art and technology, TERRA One (or T-1) is above all an experiment in variety.

I have picked a theme, a "look" and have decided on a limited number of media I intend to use.  The rest will be up to my resolve to see this through, I guess.  I can't promise that you'll enjoy reading everything that I write or agree with all of my opinions, and I can't promise that my pictures will be prettier than the myriad others you'll find on more professional pages, but what I do promise is that they will be mine. 

Every picture, every word, every mistake will have come from these hands and this mind, so please treat them with respect and don't use them without my permission.  I cannot stress this enough: theft is a crime, period.  Please don't steal from me, this all has taken a whole lot of honest work, time and effort. 

That said, I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and will come back soon. . .


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