Of the few things left to him, Kail remembered running.  Since his accident, he had done little else.  From the house to the alley and from there to the streets of the dirty city. 

The sign read Vinny's Groceteria in smoke-faded colours.  It would have been about closing time when the first wave struck, when the whole world went mad.  The store was now burnt out and gutted, but Kail could picture the little family squatting under their overstocked shelves as the world went dark.  They would have held each other, trembling as the flashes of cold-fire reflected from the wailing police vans on their way to more valuable sectors.  After that would come the mobs, grasping at anything of real value, like the silvery tins of food that Vinny had once sold for a worthless dollar.   

There were rumours of hordes of people tearing at each other for bottles of water, a quart of fuel or a handful of antibiotics. Once sane businessmen or housewives, they had become foaming tides that overflowed into the streets, moving from shop to shop, sparing only the useless.  Some vain attempts had been made to pacify the writhing mobs, but it became quickly apparent that no amount of force could calm the frenzy that had started.  The descent to darkness had begun. 

"The one thing more dangerous than an angry crowd is a terrified one." he whispered to himself.

<To be continued>