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A Rare Beauty 

It makes me sad to think of how these days, young people are growing up so fast. Though I myself am only 25, it seems as though teenagers are living more "adult" lives than even I am. Innocence has become a rare commodity and what is truly beautiful is getting lost in the mix. Although this may all sound pessimistic, an unexpected glimmer of hope came to me as I rode the bus home from work on Monday, and she seems to me even now little more than a vision. Most girls I see and meet don't seem to dress or act with the same delicate innocence they once had, but this young lady did...

She was in her late teens and walked with all the confidence of youth. Shoulders straight, eyes to the world, she made her way to a seat by a window. I can't tell if she noticed the stricken young man seated behind her, but as she sat down, a slight smile escaped her lips, revealing a hint of white teeth. Her features light and her nose slightly upturned, her pale green eyes flickered with the joy of a full day coming to an end -- possibly one spent talking or shopping with friends.

The bus began to move, sluggish with its rush-hour burden. In her delicate, ringless hands, she held a handbag, resting it on her lap in the folds of a dark blue cotton skirt. The straps of her sleeveless blouse were fastened behind her neck with a carefully placed safety pin, leaving her shoulders exposed. With skin the reddish shade of brown of a fresh late-summer tan, her back was smooth and lightly freckled, crowned with golden-brown hair held up to reveal a milky neck. Three silvery barrettes whose white paint had been chipped away by wear held her hair in place and a few free golden strands fell away to rest on her cheeks. In the lobes of her ears, she wore two simple silver rings and flowers that clasped diamonds which reflected the rays of the setting sun. This same light struck her eyes and as she rummaged through her bag for a pair of sunglasses, delicate muscles in her tanned shoulders folded gently to match the strain. 

I fumbled with the book I was valiantly trying to read, but found it impossible to concentrate. Even when I looked out the window, it caught the reflection of a lightly blushed cheek and the gleam of a silver earring. I was simply mesmerized. I wondered to myself how rare such a beauty has become, in a time when the thought of innocent glamour has been stolen by the lust to be sexy. "Why should I be surprised to see a girl exude such innocent beauty?" I asked myself. "Isn't that supposed to be normal?" 

Well... it is, isn't it? 

There are few things more attractive than the innocence and simplicity of a youthful body and mind, full of potential and life. None can deny the exhilaration of a future still unknown, the beauty of glowing eyes and faces tingling with hope and laughter and curiosity. 

So to all the young women who may just happen to read this: please don't be in such a hurry to sell your youth. Take my word for it, you don't have to be a sex object to be beautiful. Don't scar your body and most of all, don't try to grow up too fast. Be innocent while you can and revel in the beauty of what you have right now... You won't always be so young.

Oh, and to the girl on the bus: thank you.

Yours truly is a rare beauty.

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