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  I don't claim to be the greatest writer on this big moist planet, but in my own little world, I'm not too shabby.  Therefore, in this space, I will present my personal writings.  These range from daily diatribes to narrative prose and even experimental hypertext-based histories. 

Since my goal is to improve my writing as much as possible, I'd very much appreciate comments from anyone who stumbles upon this page -- willingly or by accident.  So please e-mail me what you think, and if it's repeatable, I'll post it right here.  Tell you what, I'll even accept the odd piece of criticism or retorts to my editorials.  Boy am I an open-minded guy... 

Just below, you'll find links to the major Sub-Nodes of this section.  Just click away and let the words speak for themselves. 

Now send in the prose. 

All of the materials on this page -- written, graphical or intellectual -- are Copyright Taylor Bastien and should not be reproduced in any way, shape or form. E-mail for more info. This is one thing about which I am very serious. 
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