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  Throughout my six years online, I've accumulated a huge amount of tips on where to get the best information, media and software.  In this section I will list, by category, the pages I think will be of most use to others. 

Some people complain about how difficult it is to find what they need online and end up wandering pointlessly through the 'Net.  Well, I'm hoping that if you share the same interests as me, this page will help you find what you want -- and fast.

I will try to keep these links up to date, but if you find a dead link, please tell me about it through my Contact Node, so I can fix it right away.  Thanks!

Art Museum Online

Carol Gerten's Fine Art - This incredible site contains a wealth of beautiful works of art online. You can easily search this huge museum to find just what you want. If you love fine art, you must visit this page! It's like reliving the renaissance.

Computer Music Resources

Starbreeze - This company used to make my favourite MOD tracking program, Fastracker 2. They have since changed their focus to game development, but you can still get a hold of their tracking software. - Buzz is the next big thing in the tracking world. It allows the user to sequence his music and pass the patterns through effect generators whose settings can be programmed to change as the song plays. You don't even need samples if you don't want, because sound generators are also available, which makes for tiny filesizes. It's difficult to use, but very acid.

Arguru - This group of guys has put out some of the best cutting edge freeware sound tools I have seen. They are irreverant, but very talented. Check out Saiko, it's a lot of fun to play with. Their other tools are more complex, but on par with Buzz and that's saying a lot.

Maz-Sounds Page - This is one of the longest-running sources for samples and software. Although Maz is a staple of the online tracking scene, I'm disappointed that he's been becoming increasingly commercial over the years. Oh well.


Fontaholics - This page contains a multitude of cool and bizarre fonts. They also have links ot other font pages. Be warned, though, once you get into fonts, there's no going back.

Freeware / Shareware

NONAGS - This software download provider not only rates the software it makes available (1000's of files), but "guarantees" that the apps you get there will be freeware or nag-free shareware. It's basically true. Check it out, I use Nonags all of the time. - Another software service based on the premise of free access to free software for all.

Freeware and Stuff - Another freeware provider. I can't remember if it's good or not.

Rocketdownload - This more commercial site offers a large inventory of software but freeware pickings are slim, at best.

Game Cracks

Megagames - This is definitely one the very best sources for game cracks.

Game Copy World - This is another fine crack page. It's main focus is the removal of CD protection.

Web/FTP Search

FAST FTP Search - Run by a Scandinavian company, this search engine was so good, Lycos licensed it. - This little-known search engine is purported to have the largest single database of websites in the world.


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