I figured that the few people who visit this page might (for some unfathomable reason) want to get to know who made it. Well, that would be me.

My name is Taylor and I live in Ottawa, Canada. Below you'll find a few facts about me that may shock and amaze you -- though I doubt it. So anyways, welcome and pleased to meet you.

  • Physical Facts: I'm 6'1" and weigh 170lbs. I wear size 9 1/2 shoes and 32" waist pants. My hair is light golden brown and turns blonde in the summer. My eyes are light green (though they change shades). I'm stronger than I look and smarter than I smell.
  • Nicknames I've had (in order of use): Tibu, Psycho, Jean-Claude Jr., and other even more embarassing things.
  • Languages: I speak French and English fluently and get by in German and in Dutch.
  • Studies: I'm currently studying in Computer Science at Ottawa University. I already have an Honours B.A. in "Études Françaises" (French Studies) from the University of Waterloo.
  • Where I've lived: Hamilton, Kitchener, Borden, Petawawa, Loretteville, Brussels (Belgium), Lahr (Germany), Saint-Hubert, Québec, Mahlberg (Germany), Waldfeucht (Germany), Waterloo, Orléans, Ottawa.
  • Interests: This could be a long list... Given that I have an insatiable thirst for life and varied interests and talents, there are few legal things that I haven't at least tried once. The short list of things I really enjoy would be:

    Eating, laughing, sleeping, talking.

    Singing, acting, dancing, entertaining.

    Playing sports such as: ice hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, cycling, tennis, badminton, downhill skiing, golf (just learning), karate, track and field, rock climbing and something else I've forgotten.

    Going to the theatre, spending time with pretty, intelligent girls, slow dances, going to concerts, visiting museums, doing karaoke, watching old movies, dressing up nice and sassy, eating exotic foreign foods, travelling abroad, going camping and fishing, cooking a meal for friends or family (or just to impress the ladies <grin>).

    Going to church, going to our young adults fellowship group, reading my Bible, praying every day, knowing that even life ain't all she wrote.

    Getting an A in a really tough course, smelling the sweet breeze off the new grass in the spring, the crisp smell of the arena ice in the fall, waking up in a warm bed and not caring what time it is, winning a foot-race, making people happy about who they are, looking someone in the eye and knowing they see something special in me, having people truly enjoy hearing my singing voice, making everybody in a room laugh at one of my jokes, having a crush on somebody like I was still 13.


All of the materials on this page -- written, graphical or intellectual -- are Copyright Taylor Bastien and should not be reproduced in any way, shape or form. E-mail for more info. This is one thing about which I am very serious.

Pancakes, schnitzels, mayonnaise and Belgian fries, dim sum with Peter, ice cream (even in winter), Liège waffles, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy, chicken schnitzel and brötchen sandwiches (long story), salad bars, bratwurst on a roll with hot mustard and finally desserts, desserts, desserts.

But most of all: sharing all of these things with someone extra special.

I hope I haven't bored you with this running on about myself, but I figured: "What the heck". It's good to take time to think about the people we love and the things that mean something special to us. God has blessed me beyond what I can ever hope to contain and I wanted to share a little bit of that joy with you.

Please enjoy your visit and take time to contact me, if you like.